The press about Menna

To hear Menna’s voice gives you goose bumps.

Allgemeine Zeitung, Bad Kreuznach, 2010/03/04

Voice miracle Menna Mulugeta enchanted the audience

Neue Binger Zeitung

Menna Mulugeta delivers, always in command, sensitively, expressively and with a voluminous voice.

Jazz Podium, Lucius Mitchell, Oktober 2011

Born in 1991, the German-Ethiopian singer Menna Mulugeta impressed the audience with her warm alto voice and sensitive dynamics, from soft passages to powerful shouting.

Klaus Mümpfer, Jazzpages

When Menna Mulugeta sang gospel songs with a deep and powerful voice, many a listener got goose bumps, even on a cold day.

Neue Binger Zeitung, 2006/07/02

Menna Mulugeta sang herself into the hearts of the guests with her expressive, deeply colored blues voice.

Öffentlicher Anzeiger, Bad Kreuznach, 2006/03/27